Solve is


We facilitate interaction

Solve is a mission based tech start up that facilitates interactions between nonprofits, businesses and agencies. Our digital platform helps streamline referrals between organizations and measures their collective impact.


We connect you

Solve brings everyone together, giving you access to a network of jobs, social service providers and training programs so that you can empower the individuals that you work with.


Our ideals are our mission

We understand that people want to do better for themselves, their loved ones, and their community. However, for many of us, systemic challenges and other disempowering obstacles can make it difficult to do so. We believe that through collaboration organizations can help people overcome these barriers. If a rising tide lifts all boats, then we strive to be at the intersection of connecting people to the jobs, services, and resources that they need. Together, we can close the job inequality gap.


Our partners

Some of the nonprofits, for profits and community leaders that work with Solve.

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