candidates to jobs, services
and resources



with organizations or job



your organization's impact
and success

Optimize your workflow

Solve helps both service providers and employers seamlessly track and scale your business.

Find new clients that need your services or tap into new talent to fill open positions

Refer them to organizations that provide other services or employment opportunities

Track referral outcomes and measure collective impact

Solve's digital tools eliminate the hassle of paperwork.


Scale your impact:

  1. Find new clients who could benefit from your services
  2. Connect your clients with organizations that provide other support services outside your scope

Track every referral and interaction to see a comprehensive assessment of your community impact

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Find new talent from untapped sources:

  1. Source job candidates in harder to reach communities
  2. Connect with workforce and job training organizations for pre-vetted talent
  3. Increase candidate recruitment pool for entry level positions

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We would love to help you connect with the right candidates and organizations:

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